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Your duckstrict representatives

Super duckCan-a-duckMUNI duckcandidates

Encouraged by their popularity, my ducks decide to run for office. Look at their campaign promises and vote for your favorite candidate on line at www.NianaLiu.com. You will be asked which duck will get your vote for its policy, and which duck you would like to have a beer with. Any contribution to your favorite candidate’s campaign would be appreciated, although, these ducks are not expecting to top Ms. Meg Whitman’s $119 million record.

Campaign promises - If I am elected, I will:

Super duck: Fight for truth, justice and Spandex for all!

Lobbyist duck: … that just cuts out the middle man!

MUNI duck: Be on time and under budget.

Lucky duck: Go your way.

Canaduck: Nationalize health care, because“this is a big ducking deal”!

Oil spill duck: Make them clean it all up.

Peking duck: Serve the people. (I am the only authentic candidate.)

Money duck: Give more money to MUNI duck.

Garment-label duck: Keep American sweatshops in America!

Duct-taped duck: Stick to my campaign promises.

Disco duck: I am shiny! Vote for me!

Saturday Night duck: Keep you stayin’ alive in this economy.

Yo-Yo Ma duck: Play harmonious music, not dirty politics.

Rainbow duck: Conduct nuptials in my office every Tuesday.

What-the-duck?!: Vote for me! What-the-Duck?! I can’t be worse than the other guy!

Five ducks can be viewed through December in San Francisco City Hall, Supervisor David Chiu’s office. The rest of the candidates can greet you in person in my storefront on 630 Kearny Street till my installation space is sold to a new property owner. Go ducks!

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