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» Angel Island is closing, so are 220 other California State Parks

Angel Island is closing, so are 220 other California State Parks

I have to admit that if it wasn’t announced that most of our State Parks are to be closed, I wouldn’t have gone to the Angel Island for the first time since I moved to San Francisco 8 years ago. I have always loved hiking, but always tried to avoid the tourist spots. Today, I had such a wonderful time there, that I regret I didn’t go there earlier or more often. The US immigration station was reopened to the public on February 15, 2009 after a three and a half year, $15 million restoration. I highly recommend the guided tour ($7, about 1 hours 15 minutes)of the immigration station where you can walk through the history of the station, and walls carved with poems.  Now with the closure of the State Parks, who knows when it will be open again.

If you are like me, love going up north and spend a few days in the Redwood parks, driving down the coast and spend a night in the Big Sur state parks, or simply do a day hike in Mount Tamalpais over the weekend, please email our governor to stop the closure of our state parks. Log on to www.calparks.org/stopclosures and send a letter right from the website.

Warning: it is ridiculously difficult to find out on line about the ferry schedule for Angel Island(you’d think this is one of the most popular tourist spots here). It also took my friend and I 20 minutes to figure out where to board the ferry in Ferry building (gate B), and where exactly to buy tickets(on ferry, cash only $15 return tickets). No signs, schedules, contradictory information. We felt sorry for the tourists.

Oh by the way, the last ferry leaves at 3:25pm on weekdays. We spent so much time checking out places at the beginning of the 5 mile trail that we had to race back to the dock 5 minutes before the ferry took off!

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