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» Heart of Cole Festival Poster

Heart of Cole Festival Poster

When CVIA (Cole Valley Improvement Association) first contacted me about doing the poster for this year’s fair, I said, I would not consider unless they guarantee having the poster on the street by the first week of September. Fortunately, they are a group of hard working,the poster responsible people, and we had a good working relationship. I sketched the artwork in June, but the artwork wasn’t done till I came back from my trip to China. The latest news is that the poster is being printed now. I hope you will like it, and will buy it / some too! They will be available on line at this website later on. Will keep you posted on the price, etc.

Oh, I did the T shirt design too.
Will upload a snapshot when the T shirts are made. My booth will be at the corner of the Cole and Parnassus, right in front of the Alpha Market. I will try to bring the original painting the poster is made from. ( I will also bring some other cool stuff, so come on by and say hello! )

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