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Local eggs celebrating Easter.

My tattoos make local eggs even more local :) Get them at http://www.etsy.com/shop/sflocal or www.sflocal.net now for Easter!

If you have no patience: stick tattoo to the raw eggs. (Surprise your roommate when they open the fridge)
If you have some patience: stick tattoo to the hard boiled eggs. (Wow your coworkers at the lunch break)
If you have A LOT of patience: use a needle to poke two holes on opposite end of the eggshell. Blow the egg white and yolk out. Clean the eggs. Let dry. Then stick the tattoos on. (Permanent display and great gift!)

Larger, white eggs recommended.

Easter MUNI eggs
Easter I heart SF eggs
Easter I heart SF eggs


Monthly Cello event at a sleepy local cafe

How I wish we have this in Cole Valley! Cellist Hannah Addario-Berry organizes a wonderful cello event called Cello Bazzar(2012 is the 4th year!) at the Bazzar cafe on California Street @ 21st Avenue. Performers range from talented Conservatory students to seasoned professionals, playing everything from Bach and Beethoven to contemporary music (including local composers), jazz, and hiphop. While Cello Bazaar is a cello-centric event, the performances also feature collaborations with other instruments including violin, viola, piano, guitar, vocals, and more. More details here.

I went to their March 18th event, here’s the video of Hannah performing herself:

Cellist Sam Bass and the Canadian composer Stephen Brown only met for the first time for 2 hours before performing together here:

There are many other musicians too.

The event is free, but everybody was eager to fill the tip jar. Hey if you want to start a salon or would like to host some musicians in your home for a reasonable fee - give them a call. Hannah is well connected with other musicians. You can sit very close to the musicians with your friends instead of watching the performance from all the way in the back with hundreds of people.


Cole Valley Community Passover Seder

April 6 at 7:45 pm

Friday After School Program at Grattan Playground
May 18 - Free Trial Session
Join a unique after school program exploring Jewish culture, Shabbat, and Holidays.

‘Roll and bake your own Matzah’ program for kids (and their parents) in Cole Valley.
April 1st at 3:30 pm
A hands-on educational experience going through the entire Matza-baking process: mixing the flour and water, kneading the dough, rolling, shaping, and preparing it for the “brick” oven. Then, the “Model” Matzos are baked and are given out to each child to take home.

Call 415-598-8718 for more information