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Tank hill

My best kept secret in cole valley…
sold for only $3.75 (note card) or $10 (11×14″poster)!
note card


Meter maid note card

Meter maid note card $3.75 now available here!
If your drive way is always blocked by others, you’d love the front side of the card:”GOOD PEOPLE, TOUGH JOBS” - sign as seen on meter maid’s car.
meter maid front
If you always get expensive parking tickets in san francisco, you probably likes the back side of the card:”GOOD JOBS, TOUGH PEOPLE” - as seen on people’s faces when they get a $$$ ticket.
meter maid back


Never-ending radiance of the Strangelove Spirit

new piece

In addition to my solo show, I’m also selected for the group show at the Southern Exposure Gallery. Opening is this Friday, Sept. 16th, 6-9pm. Exhibition Dates: September 16 - October 8, 2011 / 3030 20th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 See you there!

11×14″ Silkscreen on paper, radiating visual effect caused by the turning of the disk - try it out in the gallery!


My solo exhibit at the California State University Chico

Here are some selected works from the show. See my website for details.

Inspired by the phone conversation between the presidents of the United States and Russia in the famous 1964 black comedy film “Dr. Strangelove”, the painting indicates that at the other end of the phone, is now the Chinese president. The Chinese characters reading from the left to right is: “Hello? Beijing?”. Ironically, the part… that’s on the right side of the character “喂” (Hello) is “畏”, which also means “fear”. The anxiety and fear about China’s rising as the US’s major competitor and partner isn’t uncommon nowadays, despite of the calls for more dialogues and communications between the two nations.

“Hello Beijing?” 18×36″ Mixed media on canvas

Untitled 1

“Untitled 1″ 30×40″ Mixed media on canvas

Untitled 2

“Untitled 2″ 12×16″ Clove, acrylic, silkscreen, mirror on canvas