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25% off coupon

I heart SF way more postcards

I have already lived in 3 continents by the time I became 24. But I have never lived in a place longer than San Francisco. In celebrating my 10th year living in the beautiful city of San Francisco, everyone receives: 25% discount in my Etsy shop! Coupon code: sflocal25now July30 - August 9th, 2011 only.

My heart has never stopped searching for a “home” since I was little. Suddenly, I found the answer in the big pile of my San Francisco goods created with love.


Superduck in China

Superduck is an American born Peking duck created during my 2010 Art in Storefronts project with the San Francisco Arts Commission.

In 2011, he traveled to China where his ancestors were from, and even met his cousins in a Beijing restaurant. His curiosity towards this fascinating yet mysterious country and its people is recorded in films, photographs and facebook posts. Film on view August 24 — September 25, 2011 at the University Art Gallery, California State University Chico. In conjunction with the Humanities Center’s 2011–12 theme, China and the West.


The N Judah Blues


Goodbye Maggie


Our long time neighborhood friend Maggie Posth passed away tragically last Thursday. Growing up as a maths genius, Maggie studied computer science in Berkeley under full scholarship. She later on earned a PHD in Philosophy from the North Western Univ. under full scholarship too. But Maggie is best known among us for her warm personality and her deep love for the animals.

Today, about 50 neighbors, who saw her every day at the Reverie cafe for many years, gathered at Maggie’s brother’s house on Carl Street to say goodbye to this dear friend. We will always miss you, Maggie!