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Cole Valley Fair 2011 - booth fee reduced for CA94117 residents

Cole Valley Fair will be back again for its ninth year on Sunday, September 25, 2011! This is a charming and well-attended event features local art and fine crafts, lip-smacking food, live music, a display of historical Cole Valley photographs, a full block of vintage automobiles owned by neighborhood residents, events for children, and more!

The fee for resident’s booth spaces have decreased to $150 only in order to attract more local artists. (YAY!) This is the most affordable neighborhood fair that I know of! You will love this well-attended event. Send in your application no later than July 1st. See you at my booth near the corner of Cole and Parnassus!

Here are the: Application for non-food vendor, application for food vendors, application for Cars on Cole. For more information, click here. Oh by the way, they’re also seeking musicians from all genres and styles for one-hour performance slots.


Harvey Milk photo center

photo center

Just went to Clarence Tower’s retirement party and his photo exhibit at the photo center on 50 Scott Street. Clarence has been the director of the photo center for decades, we will miss him very much (as well as all the old staff that are gone or retired)… I use to spend hours and hours at the darkroom there, and years after, I finally made my way back after the photo center has been renovated. Clarence’s retirement party brought a lot of the photographers back. We used to look at each others’ prints all the time, giving each other critiques, sharing tips and techniques…oh those good ol’ laid back days!

Established in the early 1940’s, The photo center is the oldest public darkroom in the United States. Now the renovated photo center has a brand new digital center, with brand new imacs, large flatbed scanner, large format Epson 7900, and of course, lots of upgraded enlargers! Check it out - it’s right where Duboce Park is. N Judah stops right there.

Membership fees:
-Annual - Adult unlimited use: $269
-Six Month - Adult unlimited use: $150
-Six Month - Adult limited use: $54 + $5 day pass
-Annual - Senior (65+) unlimited use: $134
-Six Month - Senior (65+) limited use: $27 + $5 day pass

which includes:
-Film processing lab
-Full web black & white darkroom
-Print drying and mounting
-Film and print scanning
-Inkjet printing
-Members’ gallery
-Discounted course fees