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Three Entree Restaurant

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I am recently selected by the San Francisco Arts Commission to do the “Art in Storefronts” project. On 630 Kearny Street, I converted an empty, vandalized storefront into a simulated Chinese restaurant offering only three entrees: 1. Cheap and good. (slow) 2. Cheap and fast. (crappy) 3. Good and fast (expensive). The special of the day, though, is Good and slow(I am growing dishes on site from the seeds!).

Passersby are invited to place orders through an intercom on site or grab a free menu on the door. All dishes are also available for adoption. I try to be there every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 12noon to 6pm. For other days of the week, reservations only :-) For more information and the concept behind this project, please visit NianaLiu.com. I will be featured on Eye on the Bay program on CBS5 on July 19th, 7pm.

There are also fresh roasted ducks for sale! Together with handmade ready to wear local SF fortune cookies, and Chinese clay pastries.
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