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Good Luck to the Year of the Tiger!

NianaLiu Year of Tiger

Yawn. Alarm o’clock went off at 7:55am this morning. I’m determined to try my luck to call China at the busiest time of the year — 5 minutes before the arrival of the Year of the Tiger. There are hundreds and millions of people trying to do the same, and normally would take me more than an hour to get through.

Miraculously I got through immediately this time! Sudden blasts of fireworks from the other side of the phone almost blew me off the bed. Grandma shouted on top of her lung:”Can you hear the fireworks?! Can you hear them?!” “Yes yes” I talked so loud that the whole block could hear me, “I can hear nothing but fireworks, Grandma!”

Chinese New Year atmosphere is what I miss the most since I left China. Fireworks day after day, parties in the house and on the streets, smell of food in the air, music and dances everywhere… so much fun! Chinese New Year’s Eve is tonight for San Franciscans, so I am getting ready to make some dumplings at friend’s house. Wish everybody a very lucky year of the tiger — and check out my Chinese New Year tote bags, shirts and postcards here!