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Hidden Artist at the Booksmith

I was at the Booksmith on Haight street the other day, and saw one of the staffs Sean Chiki there. He was on a ladder, holding a liquid chalk pen ready to draw on the wall. Gee, I’ve known Sean for a little while, but I had no idea he was an artist — a wonderful illustrator! Go take a look at the beautiful drawings on the wall above the bookshelves in the Boothsmith!

Sean is on the ladder drawing whenever he doesn’t have to be at the cashier. He’s comic booklet Wunderkammer Volume One is available at the Booksmith, the Green Apple bookstore etc. His website says he’s getting married this month — congratulations!


Clayton Carl Block Party Announcement

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake. The City is throwing a week long series of events called the Big Rumble. As part of that, the neighbors of Clayton and Carl Street are throwing a joint block party.

When: Oct. 17th 10am to 3pm.
Where: Carl Street between Clayton and Cole (Street will be closed for through traffic)
What: Community potluck, a wide range of earthquake preparedness games and activities for all ages to enjoy.
Who: Residents between Frederick and Parnassus (for Clayton Street) and Clayton and Cole (for Carl Street). But anyone is welcome to attend, please bring dish(es) with labels and utensils to share. Would be great if you can bring tables!!!

We will share stories “Where were you in ‘89” when the quake happened. There will be disaster preparedness materials, giveaways, activities and ice breakers including: Emergency preparedness Bingo, What’s in a Disaster Supply Kit, Home Hazard Hunt. There’s even going to be a bouncy house for the kids. Raffles include a Red Cross Disaster kit. Musicians: bring your acoustic instruments for a jam session.

RSVP to ColeValleyFriends(at)gmail(dot)com is not mandatory, but greatly appreciated for planning purposes! Email us how many people are coming, whether you will be able to provide tables, help with set up etc. It’s time for neighbors to meet each other face to face!