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Cole Valley Fair

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It’s that time of the year again. I always run out of of time before the fair. I can’t believe the fair is tomorrow, Sunday September 20th!!! Ready or not, I will be greeting you with big smiles at my booth on Cole @ Parnassus Ave., right in front of the Alpha Market/Cole Hardware(I have the same spot every year). I took some quick photos of the stuff I made. There’s a lot more items. Locally inspired, locally created, and locally made :) You will see the whole catalog at my other site: www.SFlocal.net sometime in October. (I looked under my sofa hoping to find more time to update my websites…)

Free delivery to address on CLAYTON, PARNASSUS, DOWNEY street, where I live(d). Mention “colevalley.org” and I will give you a deal at the booth:) See ya tomorrow! 10am to 5pm.