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the “New World Summit”

My new paintings: the “New World Summit” will be shown at the KSW’s 9th annual APAture festival from Sept. 18th to 29th. Please come to the opening at the KSW’s space 180 at 180 capp St @ 17th Street, on Sept. 18th, this Tuesday, from 7pm to 9:30pm. For the calendar of events, click here. You may visit my website for the details of the painting.

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is it up yet?

I am currently out of my town ( Cole Valley ) and wonder if my posters are in the merchants’ window yet. They should be up this coming week the latest. Went to the printer’s shop in SOMA, and here’s how posters were printed:

in machinesample



simpsons see MaoTiananmen Square

I am at the main library right now, and while I am doing research on something over the internet, I came across an image that led me to this. It is one of the Simpsons episodes. I do not have TV at home and have to turn off the audio while watching it on youtube in the library. ( But I think the guy sitting next to me is already annoyed by my laughters :) I am going to watch it again when I get home ( with the sound! ), but do want to share it with you before my laptop battery dies.

Oh man, it was funny! ( even if many things about China or Chinese were stereotyped, which nobody would mind I think, because it makes it even funnier sometimes. ) Have a great long weekend!