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Cole Valley Art Festival

okay, I finally caught up my sleep after the Cole street fair. Thank godness it was a warm sunny day. (at least for the most part of it.) It was a great event, a lot of vendors and people came to the fair are from this neighborhood. We met old friends and made new ones. I had a booth again this year, and sold SF neighborhood related artworks and merchandise. The SF neighborhood map postcards and notebooks turned out to be quite popular. My “secret weapon of massive affection”– neighborhood stamps was very well received too. You will be able to see all of them at www.SFlocal.net later on. Here’s a picture of my friends wearing my Monkey King Tshirt.

Niana's Monkey King T shirt

I would like to thank all of my friends who helped me out with the fair. Special thanks to Nicole, David, Jack, John, Chris… oh! and Wayne, who brought me the BEST pork bun in San Francisco. When I took a short break and walked around with that delicious pork bun, I was stopped several times by people asking me where did I get it. Hey, maybe I should sell pork bun instead of artwork next year! hehe :))