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“Unomao” and “to serve the People”

Niana @ the Asian Art Museum

Back in July, I demonstrated my painting at the Asian Art Museum in conjunction with their special exhibition: “A Curious Affair: the fascination between East and West“. I mixed my eastern roots with western influence in my artwork, and focused on interplay between the cultures.

I would like to thank those who came to see me at the museum and I’m sorry for not following up with you till today. I took a long motorcyle trip right after I finished my painting demonstration at the museum, and only finished two pieces out of four so far. After all, filling 40×60 inches space with half inch union 76 balls takes time. At one time, I thought I’d become crossed eyed because of this painting!

About the painting “Unomao”: Last year, a Chinese oil company’s attempt to acquire Unocal, the third largest US oil company has made international headlines. I melds two well-recognized symbols: Unocal and Chairman Mao into one painting. Two nations, two symbols, one word: “Power”.

About the painting “to serve the People”: the Mao-era school bag was very popular in China in 60s or 70s. Mao’s political slogan “to Serve the People” encouraged everyone to put others first and always remember to serve the People and community. But since the opening of China, the scarlet red characters gave in to the erosion of corruption at all levels. The Louis Vuitton pattern suggests that many “peoples’ servants” live in extravagant life styles, serving themselves under the name of “serving the people”.

niana's painting

I will upload the image of the other artworks that I did at the museum once they are finished.