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the Gavin Newsom guy

Remember when Matt Gonzales and Gavin Newsom were running for San Francisco Mayor 3 years ago? Their political campaign posters were all over the town, including in the apartment right above the Crepes on Cole. What’s interesting about it is that the roommates in that apartment were both supporters of Gonzales and Newsom. (and I hope they lived in peace:) The posters for both candidates in the same window in the icon building of our neighborhood caught my eye, so I included the amusing scene in my painting.

Both roommates have moved back to the east coast. The Gonzales gal mailed the Newsom guy the postcard of my painting. Consequently, three years later since I painted that picture, I met the Newsom guy, Adam Dreyfus during my trip to New York last week. He was so excited about acquiring a piece of art of his old neighborhood, that he drove 2 hours from Connecticut to meet me at the JFK. When he gave me a ride in his blue Volkswagen van, he told me how he loved Cole Valley, the nice cafe and restaurants here, and of course, the notorious great parties he threw in that apartment. Here is a photo of Adam: adam dreyfus