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Angry tree

angry tree

Trees get “pissed off” a lot in SF… Duboce @ Church.


Grand reopening of my store!

I wanted to kick myself everyday for the past year for not updating my website. Finally I hijacked myself from a pile of other works and got www.SFlocal.net updated. There are a lot more items to come, but my other works just hijacked me back. So I will try to update the site another time before Xmas (while my other works are at sleep :) Stay tuned!

If you live in CA 94117 area, I might deliver your order personally (pretending to be a USPS new-hire). Custom orders/designs available! There’s no better holiday gift than that:) email me at 415local(at)gmail(dot)com if you have questions.

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san francisco in chinese

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Muni is increasing the fare and cutting the service…

$70 for a fastpass? No wonder no artist can afford to live in San Francisco anymore! I designed these shirts for myself, but looks like I am not the only one who wants them :-)

I think I am going to wear these starting December 5th. Available here.

niana's shirt
a muni of delays


SF alphabet cards in alphabetical order

cole valley alphabetouter sunset map postcard
haight ashbury alphabetduboce triangle map card

Just in time for the holidays! I had these SF alphabet postcards right next to my popular SF Map postcards at the Cole Valley Fair, and they were well received. Let me know if you don’t see your ‘hood on the website, and I will keep you in mind when I create more categories in the future.


San Francisco collective noun postcards

castrocole valleyjapantown

I was working on a collective noun project, and happen to came up with a new series of postcards. They are a bit “spicy” but here’s my famous quote: “Those who dare to laugh at themselves, have the courage to be themselves.”

They are available at www.SFlocal.net. Enjoy.


Hidden Artist at the Booksmith

I was at the Booksmith on Haight street the other day, and saw one of the staffs Sean Chiki there. He was on a ladder, holding a liquid chalk pen ready to draw on the wall. Gee, I’ve known Sean for a little while, but I had no idea he was an artist — a wonderful illustrator! Go take a look at the beautiful drawings on the wall above the bookshelves in the Boothsmith!

Sean is on the ladder drawing whenever he doesn’t have to be at the cashier. He’s comic booklet Wunderkammer Volume One is available at the Booksmith, the Green Apple bookstore etc. His website says he’s getting married this month — congratulations!


Simon’s cat

London based animator Simon Tofield from Tandem film studio made a series of hilarious cartoons. More cool stuff here.


Norman Mclaren

wow! I didn’t know about Norman Mclaren till recently. This genius film maker is known for his experiments with image and sound as he developed a number of groundbreaking techniques for combining and synchronizing animation with music. He came to New York before the WWII and moved to Canada to work for the National Film Board, to open an animation studio and to train Canadian animators. Look at his great works! (made before computers were born)





SOEX’s monster drawing rally and Jesse Balmer’s monsters

Jesse's drawing 2
Jesse's drawing 1
There’s a really quiet guy in my print making class whose sketch book caught everyone’s attention. He is Jesse Balmer, started drawing when he was six, and it takes him no more than 30 minutes to do some rather complicated drawings such as these ones. He literally spends every minute, no, actually second, on drawing. Geez, I don’t know if I can ever be as productive as him.

Jesse also participated in last night’s Southern Exposure’s 8th annual Monster Drawing Rally at the Verdi Club. I was there late, but saw his monster drawings on the wall with the red sold stickers on. It was a great event. Totally packed, but fun! The evening had 120 artists drawing simultaneously at four one-hour shifts. As the drawings are completed they are hung on the walls and available for purchase at $60 each. When an artwork is desired by multiple buyers, the lucky buyer is chosen through lottery.


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