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Local eggs celebrating Easter.

My tattoos make local eggs even more local :) Get them at http://www.etsy.com/shop/sflocal or www.sflocal.net now for Easter!

If you have no patience: stick tattoo to the raw eggs. (Surprise your roommate when they open the fridge)
If you have some patience: stick tattoo to the hard boiled eggs. (Wow your coworkers at the lunch break)
If you have A LOT of patience: use a needle to poke two holes on opposite end of the eggshell. Blow the egg white and yolk out. Clean the eggs. Let dry. Then stick the tattoos on. (Permanent display and great gift!)

Larger, white eggs recommended.

Easter MUNI eggs
Easter I heart SF eggs
Easter I heart SF eggs


Happy New Year of the Dragon!!!

Hey all, hope you like this dragon poster and card I just designed. Get them at my store www.SFlocal.net or etsy store, and those who were born in the year of the dragon will get 10% off ! Coupon code DRAGON2012 (mention it at the check out)

May you empowered by the Dragon and have a great lucky year! It is said that 2012 is a water dragon year - NO WONDER we have so much rain now! Dragon is suppose to arrive at midnight tonight!

Dragon poster by Niana Liu
Dragon card by Niana Liu
Dragon card by Niana Liu
Dragon card by Niana Liu


Guess where have I been…

When I removed my Sutro Tower/Twin Peaks tattoo on my arm, I accidentally got another tattoo! Too much sun and snorkeling…Guess where I have been? Hawaii!!! Here’s me waiting at the Maui airport for a flight to Kauai :)

Hawaii trip


In case you need some ideas…

I drew this “idea sheet” last night, for those who might need little extra help :)
ideas for tattoos


Are you ready for some fun?

Apply on skin (nose, neck…anywhere!), or on walls, books, cards, envelopes, plastic, glass…Be creative! The colors are brighter and more vibrant after the tattoo has been applied. Available now at http://sflocal.net/goods/multiple_tattoos.html


Bike lane tapes

bike lane tapes

Whether you are a biker or not, it’s perfect for sealing your holiday cartons, boxes, or anything! People will be pleasantly surprised before they even open their packages.

2.5 inch x110 yards (65mm x 100m). Wider than the regular 2 inch tapes (so that you don’t have to tape several times to ensure the carton opening is covered completely.)

I even used the bike lane tape on my checked luggage, and my suitcase totally stood out in the luggage conveyor at the airport. Not only my suitcase won’t be picked up by others by mistake any more, it also earned plenty of eyeballs :-)

Available now here and here.


Superduck in China

Superduck is an American born Peking duck created during my 2010 Art in Storefronts project with the San Francisco Arts Commission.

In 2011, he traveled to China where his ancestors were from, and even met his cousins in a Beijing restaurant. His curiosity towards this fascinating yet mysterious country and its people is recorded in films, photographs and facebook posts. Film on view August 24 — September 25, 2011 at the University Art Gallery, California State University Chico. In conjunction with the Humanities Center’s 2011–12 theme, China and the West.


Your duckstrict representatives

Super duckCan-a-duckMUNI duckcandidates

Encouraged by their popularity, my ducks decide to run for office. Look at their campaign promises and vote for your favorite candidate on line at www.NianaLiu.com. You will be asked which duck will get your vote for its policy, and which duck you would like to have a beer with. Any contribution to your favorite candidate’s campaign would be appreciated, although, these ducks are not expecting to top Ms. Meg Whitman’s $119 million record.

Campaign promises - If I am elected, I will:

Super duck: Fight for truth, justice and Spandex for all!

Lobbyist duck: … that just cuts out the middle man!

MUNI duck: Be on time and under budget.

Lucky duck: Go your way.

Canaduck: Nationalize health care, because“this is a big ducking deal”!

Oil spill duck: Make them clean it all up.

Peking duck: Serve the people. (I am the only authentic candidate.)

Money duck: Give more money to MUNI duck.

Garment-label duck: Keep American sweatshops in America!

Duct-taped duck: Stick to my campaign promises.

Disco duck: I am shiny! Vote for me!

Saturday Night duck: Keep you stayin’ alive in this economy.

Yo-Yo Ma duck: Play harmonious music, not dirty politics.

Rainbow duck: Conduct nuptials in my office every Tuesday.

What-the-duck?!: Vote for me! What-the-Duck?! I can’t be worse than the other guy!

Five ducks can be viewed through December in San Francisco City Hall, Supervisor David Chiu’s office. The rest of the candidates can greet you in person in my storefront on 630 Kearny Street till my installation space is sold to a new property owner. Go ducks!


Peking ducks gone wild!

My latest installation at 630 Kearny Street (@ Commercial St). Enjoy!


Pink Floyd Apartment in San Francisco

Pink Floyd Apt. in SF

Pink Floyd Apt. in SF

$5 prism near bathroom window will give you free daily thrills.
Weather permitting :-)


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