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Cole Valley Fair 2014

Cole Valley Fair will be back again for its 12th year on Sunday, September 28, 2014. Application deadline is deadline is July 1, 2014. Priority will be given to Cole Valley residents, returning vendors, and promising new applicants. (Imported merchandise will not be considered). Seeking musicians from all genres and styles for one-hour performance slots. The Cole Valley Fair is a small and intimate street fair where the right sound will attract a lot of attention.

Cars on Cole will be back again this year. Never been to the event? We look for interesting neighborhood vehicles—whatever that may mean. It need not be a “show queen” or vintage or rare. The range of vehicles in past years has been from a gaggle of Citroen 2CVs; British, German, French, Japanese, and Italian sports and touring cars; heavy 30s–60s American Iron; Model A to modern hot rods, bicycles to motorcycles.

Application forms for vendors, musicians, and cars are available on www.midlinestudio.com/colevalleyfair.html. Food applications will be handled separately.


MUNI logo found in China :)

MUNI wiggly worm logo found in China! :-))) A few days ago, I saw this nice wood carving on an old house’s door in a 500 year old Chinese village. The four Chinese characters means “Prolong Life”, were written in “zhuan” style, developed before 220 BC in China. The MUNI logo looking character literally means “longevity”, and I am sure MUNI wants to live longer!!


Carl Street Free Library

Carl Street at Willard Street. No fees No dues No cards required, simply share!


New Cole Valley piece

New Cole Valley on watercolor paper mount on wood. Custom painting/surprise gift for someone’s birthday. More consignment of any size painting welcome! (even if that’d makes my hard working eyes crossed for a good few days)!!


Event at Park Library on Page Street

San Francisco Village http://www.sfvillage.org http://www.sfvillage.org is a membership organization that serves seniors who wish to age in their own neighborhoods and their own homes. They include members in almost every San Francisco zip code, and are making an effort to expand more fully into the Cole Valley/Haight Ashbury neighborhood. They are hosting an event at Park Public Library on Page Street on Saturday, March 15 from 1-3 pm. Check it out if you are interested.


Happy New Year of the Horse!

I just designed this poster for http://www.ChinesePuzzles.org. Bat “蝠” is a visual pun for “good fortune” or happiness in Chinese, while “马上” translated as “above the horse back” also means “right away” or “immediately” in Chinese. So the hidden meaning of this traditional charm symbol 马上见蝠(福) is “Good fortune right away!” or “Happiness immediately!” Have a great year everyone!


Mill Mécanique

Saw an old watermill recently, reminded me of Fernand Léger’s “Ballet Mécanique”. My iPhone happened to have some batteries left, so I made a “Mill Mécanique”.


Little free library in front of your house

I found a really cool little library while I was walking on Shattuck Ave. in Berkeley. A cute wooden library on a stand with a glass door waiting for neighbors/passerby to pick up a book or two and bring back another one to share. Wouldn’t it be nice if some home owners in Cole Valley can do the same? According to the map on http://littlefreelibrary.org, only two out of these 10,000+ libraries are located in San Francisco.


New color

Just made a few camel colored bike lane scarves for this weekend’s pop up show at the firehouse 8 on 1648 Pacific Avenue between Van ness and Polk - come on by! Also available at my Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/sflocal


Ready to shop for the holidays?


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